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When powerful performance is needed and budgets are limited, choose the versatile Superior AccuTrak® VPE-1000 Ultrasonic Leak Detector. It is the first low cost digital ultrasonic leak detector, offering extraordinary features at a fraction of the cost of other ultrasonic instruments. The versatile AccuTrak® VPE-1000 features separate ultra-sensitive sensors for both airborne and contact ultrasound. Extremely sensitive to the ultrasonic sound of leaks and friction in industrial systems, the VPE-1000 Ultrasonic Leak Detector uses a technique called "heterodyning" to translate ultrasound to a lower frequency which our ears can interpret. AccuTrak® Ultrasonic Leak Detectors are so sensitive they can hear the blink of an eye, yet most background noise will not interfere with leak detection accuracy. Patented technology uses a microcomputer and digital circuitry making the AccuTrak® VPE-1000 the most accurate and repeatable ultrasonic leak detector available in its class.

VPE-1000 Ultrasonic Leak Detector Applications
The VPE-1000 is perfect for schools, hospitals, hotels, and other large institutional or industrial environments. the VPE-1000 can be used for a variety of leak detection and plant maintenance applications.
Leak Detection: Air, Vacuum, Refrigerants; ANY GAS!
Steam Traps: Detect live steam loss in seconds!
Valves: Detect/hear internal leakage in check, ball, needle, gate or any type of valve! Diagnose thermal expansion valves in just five minutes!
Bearings: Hear wear and lubrication problems before damage is done!
Electric Arc and Corona: Inspect circuit breakers, relays, and buss bars! Check for corrosion on contacts and proper insulation!
Pneumatics and Hydraulics: Inspect controls, hoses, tools, fittings and internal cylinders with ease!
Vibration: Detect the ultrasonic sound generated by excessive friction!
Fan Belts

VPE-1000 Ultrasonic Leak Detector Features
Digital LED Indicators: Both alphanumeric and bar-graph!
Digital Peak Hold: Holds highest level for easy readability!
Separate Volume/Sensitivity: Independent controls allow you to "zoom" into sounds in noisy areas!
Dual Sensors:Each with excellent frequency response, and independent settings

Includes Everything You Need!
Touchprobe & waveguide attachments
Comfortable over the ear headset
Owners manual
Instructional video
Hard case

AccuTrak VPE1000

AccuTrak VPE1000 Ultrasonic Inspection and leak detection system

AccuTrak VPE1000 Leak Detector & Ultrasonic Inspection System

AccuTrak VPE1000 Ultrasonic Leak detector & Inspection System

AccuTrak VPE Basic Kit

                                ACCUTRAK VPE - BASIC KIT

Kit Includes: VPE Leak Detector, Headset, Battery & Hard Case

AccuTrak VPE Ultrasonic Leak Detector


Kit Includes: VPE Leak Detector, Headset, Battery, Hard Case, Touch Probe & Waveguide

AccuTrak VPE Ultrasonic Leak Detector - Professional KIT


Kit Includes : VPE Leak Detector, Battery, Touch Probe, Waveguide
Noise Blocking Headphones, Large Carry Case, & Canvas Belt Pack

AccuTrak VPE Leak detector


Kit Includes : VPE Leak Detector, Headset, Battery, Hard Case,
Touch Probe, Waveguide, Sound Generator, & Canvas Belt Pack


Superior Signal Company is proud to announce the latest version of our most popular ultrasonic leak detector – the 3rd generation AccuTrak® VPE. Featuring ALL-NEW internal circuitry, the improved AccuTrak® VPE stands out above all other ultrasonic leak detectors in its class. With even greater sensitivity and a number of new features unique to the VPE, no competitive ultrasonic leak detectors even come close.

The Patented Superior AccuTrak® VPE Ultrasonic Leak Detector is a state-of-the-art, non-invasive, ultrasonic leak detector that can detect both pressure and vacuum leaks of ANY GAS. The AccuTrak® VPE is ideal for pinpointing leaks in air conditioning, refrigeration, automotive and other systems. AccuTrak® Ultrasonic Leak Detectors are extremely sensitive to the ultrasonic sound of a turbulent gas leak. Using a technology called "heterodyning" they translate ultrasound to a lower frequency which your ear can interpret. AccuTrak® Ultrasonic Leak Detectors maintain the original sound characteristics of the ultrasound making it possible to distinguish leaks from other competing background sounds. AccuTrak® Instruments are so sensitive you can actually hear the blink of an eye, yet most background noise will not interfere with detection accuracy.

VPE Ultrasonic Leak Detector Applications
Gas Leak Detection: Air, Refrigerant, Vacuum, ANY GAS!
Valves: Detect/hear internal leakage in check, ball, needle, gate or any type of valve! Diagnose thermal expansion valves in just five minutes!
Bearing Wear: Hear wear and lubrication problems before damage is done!
VPE Ultrasonic Leak Detector Features
Audio Output: 0 Hz to 4 kHz natural sound conversion allows you to hear the leak, and distinguish leaks from mechanical or other background ultrasound.
Visual Output: 10 element bar graph provides quick and intuitive visual indication to presence of and relative strength of ultrasound.
Adjustable Sensitivity: allows operator to quickly identify leaks from a distance, and then zero in on the exact location of the leak.
NEW! 3rd Generation VPE Features
20% Greater Sensitivity – our all-new 3rd generation digital circuitry is clearer and quieter, allowing you to detect smaller leaks and faults faster than ever before. The VPE already had the best sensitivity in the industry – and now it’s even better.
Peak Hold Display – the new Peak Hold function on the display allows you to find leaks and faults faster and better, so you get the job done quicker and easier. This great feature can be found on instruments costing several times more – but it is unique for this class of instrument.
Over Range Audio Alarm – this unique new feature allows you to keep your eyes on what you are measuring rather than on your instrument display, and still know that you have exceeded the range setting and need to adjust the sensitivity for optimum performance. Again, this gets your job done quicker, easier, and safer.
Improved Battery Life – up to 200 hours of operation on a single standard 9-Volt battery.
More Rugged Design – internal components have been redesigned to make the leak detector more shock resistant, resulting in an even more reliable design.
VPE Ultrasonic Leak Detector Capabilities
Capable of detecting a 5 psi leak out of a 0.005" (5/1000 inch) hole, 20 to 30 feet away depending on background noise.
Easily detects any gas that generates ultrasonic sound during flow – including vacuum leaks.
Capable of detecting leaks equivalent to 1.5 oz/year of Refrigerant.
Works equally well for compressed air or nitrogen.
Not affected by wind or high concentrations of leaked gas or refrigerant.
Kits for Every Application
Whether you only need the basic functions of the VPE or you plan to take full advantage of the instrument's diverse capabilities, we have a kit that will meet your needs! Click the "Find Your Kit" tab above to learn more.

Advantages Versus Sniffers
AccuTrak® VPE is a much more accurate and reliable instrument for detecting single and multiple leaks.
AccuTrak® VPE can detect any type of refrigerant gas including nitrogen.
AccuTrak® VPE detects both vacuum and pressure leaks.
AccuTrak® VPE is effective in gas saturated areas and under windy conditions.
AccuTrak® VPE does not require the introduction of tracer gases into the system, which can be ozone depleting when vented, and can also be harmful to ones health.
AccuTrak® VPE is battery powered for cordless operation
VPE Versus Other Ultrasonic Leak Detectors
AccuTrak® VPE is #1 in technology. We wrote the book on ultrasonic leak detection, our patented instruments lead the industry!
AccuTrak® VPE is the original! it is not a copy.
AccuTrak® VPE is the most durable unit available, with the best warranty. The face of the unit is sealed with no pin holes/speakers for foreign objects to enter.
AccuTrak® VPE has more dynamic range, and wont overload in loud areas.
AccuTrak® VPE gives true audio sound reproduction instead of the "beeps and squeals" of other instruments.




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