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CT40: Cable Identifier/Tester Kit

Transmitter/Receiver enables one person to remotely identify up to 16 wires


  • Troubleshoot electrical/electronic circuits and identify up to 16 local or installed lines
  • MultiMeter functions include: AC/DC Voltage and Current, Resistance, Diode, and Continuity
  • Transmitter/Receiver enables one person to remotely identify up to 16 wires
  • Wire voltage check from 5 to 16VDC
  • Data Hold and Max Hold, Auto power off
  • Low battery indicator (transmitter and receiver)
  • Complete with 16-line Transmitter, MultiMeter/Receiver, two 9V batteries, pouch case, and 2 AAA batteries



TG20: Wire Tracer Kit

Identify wire pairs, check continuity & test telephone line polarity


  • Transmitter with output cables terminated in modular RJ11 phone connector
  • Transmitter injects traceable signal into cables, checks telephone lines, and performs continuity checks
  • Non-Contact probe audibly identifies selected wire or cable
  • Easily trace wires from source to termination
  • Test for properly operating phone lines
  • Adjustable sensitivity control improves wire identification and eliminates false detection
  • Continuity test — visible indication
  • Complete with Wire Tracer Probe and Transmitter with RJ11 phone connector and pair of alligator clips, and two 9V batteries

40180: Tone Generator and Amplifier Probe Kit

Heavy duty kit with audible tone easily identifies wires or cables


  • Insulated inductive probe tip prevents shorting conductors
  • Tests include wire trace, continuity test, clear/busy/ringing line test and tip/ring identification
  • Alligator clips for non-terminated cables and modular connectors for direct connections to telephone and internet wiring
  • Selectable continuous or variable tone generation
  • Built-in speaker on probe with sensitivity control

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