Ground Earth Resistance / เครื่องวัดความต้านทาน


ERT 580 Earth Resistance Tester

1. Measures down to 0.01 Ohm.
2. 3 Earth Ranges: 20, 200, 2000 Ohm
3. One test current of 2 mA RMS.
4. Indication if reistance of auxiliary spikes resistance is within range.
5. Two or three-terminal measurement.
6. Three-terminal measurement for earth electrode testing.
7. Large LCD display.
8. Data hold function.
9. Calibration performed with supplied test leads (3 T fully compensated).
10. Meausre eath voltage up to 200V AC.
11. Simple to use and lowe power.
12. Open loop indication with " 1 " (MSD) on display and LED Light off.
13. Lightweight, robust and compact design.
14. Low Battery Indication.
15. " O-Ring" Sealed case for outdoor usage and better protection.
16. Standard accssories for 3T and 2T.

Earth Ground Resistance Model AMP2GP

Measures earth ground resistance - 3 point or 2 point tests
Automatically calculates resistivity - 4 point test
Automatic voltage measurement prevents false measurements
Automatically applies three testing frequencies for the most accurate readings
Auto ranging
999 internal memory locationsto store measuremetns
RS232 download to a personal computer
Safety: CAT III 250V
AE2135-Ground resistnace

Function Ground Resistor

Measure ground resistance, soil resistivity and bonding resistance with one instrument.
AE213501 2135.01 : Ground Resistance Tester Kit
AE213502 2135.02 : Ground Resistance Tester Kit
AE213503 2135.03 : Ground Resistance Tester Kit
AE213504 2135.04 : Ground Resistance Tester Kit

Megger Digiatl Ground Tester

A complete kit for customers wishing to conduct earth electrode testing using the two, three and four pole technique.
The ART (Attached Rod Technique) model BDDET3TC used with optional current clamp allows ground testing without disconnection of the utility ground connection.

BDDET3TD Det3TD:Ground Testr3 Trmnl
BDDET3TA Det3TA:Ground Testr3 Trmnl
BDDET3TC Det3TC:Ground Testr3 Trmnl
BDDET4TD Det4TD:Ground Testr4 Trmnl


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