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ปลั๊ก แบบ ตัวผู้และตัวเมีย สีเหลีองรุ่น SMPW-*-* ( * Insert Type example K, = SMPW-K-M และ M o/ F )
Miniature Thermocouple Connectors with Write-on Window
Standard and Extended Temperature Range
Color-Coded for ISA and IEC
Accepts Stranded or Solid Wire up to Size 20 AWG
Quick Connect Contact Washers Internal Wire Divider
SMPW Series , Glass filled Nylon construction is rated to 220°C (425°F)
HMPW Series, Liquid Crystal Polymer (cadmium-free) construction is rated to 260°C (500°F)


mpj ปลั๊ก แบบติดผนัง ตัวเมีย สีเหลีองรุ่น MPJ-*-F ( * Insert Type example K, =MPJ--K-F
Compact Size
Accepts OMEGA’s as well as all Industry Miniature Male Connectors
Accessible Terminal Screws
Easy Mount Spring Clips Supplied
Free Dust Caps and ID Number Labels Included
ปลั๊ก แบบติดผนัง ตัวเมีย สีเหลีองรุ่นSPJ-*-F ( * Insert Type example K, = SPJ--K-F
Snap-In Panel Jacks for Standard Size Connectors
No Installation Tools Needed
Wire Size: Solid or Stranded up to 14 gage.
Free ID Number Labels and Dust Caps
Panel Cutout Size: 16.3 x 30.4mm (.64 x 1.20in.)
Accepts All Standard Size Male Connectors
Male Pin Version Panel Connectors also Available. Change "F" to "M" in Part Number
ostw ปลั๊ก แบบ ตัวผู้และตัวเมีย รุ่น OSTW-*-* ( * Insert Type example K, =OSTW-K-M และ M o/ F )
Standard Size Connectors With and Without Write-on Window, and With Glass Filled Nylon or the Higher Temperature Liquid Crystal Polymer Shells
Captive Cover Screws
Color-Coded, Earth Tone Colors
Hollow-Pin Construction
Accepts Stranded or Solid Wire up to Size 14 AWG
Glass-Filled Nylon and Liquid Crystal Polymer Connectors are Mutually Compatible -- as Well as with All Industry Standard Size Connectors
OSTW Series Rated to 220°C (425°F)
HST & HSTW Series Rated to 260°C (500°F)
HST & HSTW Series have Environmentally Friendly, Cadmium-Free Shells
Available with Quick Wiring Caps-- Simply Insert Wires in Caps and Tighten Screws
NHXH and NHX Series 
Ultra High Temperature Heavy Duty Standard Size Connectors
High-Strength Ceramic Construction Using High Purity Alumina
Both Economical Hollow Pin and Rugged Solid Pin Designs
One-Piece Body Design With Cover
Color-Coded Dot
Type UHX Has Removable Color Dot for Vacuum Furnace Applications
SHX-(*) and USHX
Ultra High Temperature Miniature Connectors, Including Series for High Vacuum Applications
Extra Heavy Duty Ceramic Construction
One-Piece Body with Removeable Cap Design
Oversized Terminal Screws for Easy Wiring
Accepts Stranded or Solid Wire up to Size 20 AWG
USHX Series Has No Glaze or Marking Ink to Contaminate High Vacuum Furnaces
Uses Color-Coded Dots for Thermocouple Type Identification (Removeable for USHXs)
Ceramic Body Temp Rating: 650°C (1200°F)
  Ceramic and Three-Pin Connector Accesories
Standard Size Connector Accessories For Ultra-High Temperature and Three-Pin Connectors



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Function Generator
Flow Meters
Ground resistance tester
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Humidity Meters
Insulation Testers
Infrared Thermometers
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