LRC meters


Precision LCR Tester ( LCR 819)
High Precision LCR Instruments

1. 12Hz to 100kHz, 503 Continuously Variable Frequencies
2. 0.05% High Measurement Accuracy (LCR-817/819/827/829)
3. 0.1% High Measurement Accuracy (LCR-816/826/827/829)
4. 100 Sets Memory for Save/Recall of Setup State
5. R/Q, C/D, C/R, L/Q Test Modes
6. Absolute Value, DValue, and D% Measurement Display
7. 240 x 128 dot Matrix LCD Display
8. Handler Interface (LCR-826/827/829)
9. Test Condition and Test Result shown on the screen Simultaneously

LCR Meter, LCR Test Lead ( LCR-610, TL-06)

  • L.C.R. 3-function measurement.
  • 1% Basic accuracy.
  • High resolution 0.1uH, 0.1pF and 1mΩ.
  • 0.1uH to 200H inductance measurement.
  • 1mΩ to 20MΩ resistance measurement.
  • Dissipation factor measurement.
  • Zero adjustment.
  • The test lead TL-06 (Option) is specially designed for measuring SMD (Surface mount device) resistor, capacitor and inductor.


20000 Counts LCR Meter
Dual Display Auto-Ranging

Outstanding Features:
1.Basic accuracy:
0.5% for Resistance
0.7% for Inductance, Capacitance
2.Dual Displays provide quick tested results readouts, with L.C.R. Display values up to 19999 counts and Q.D.R. display values up to 9999 counts
3.Excellent resolutions:
Resistance up to 0.001£[
Inductance Capacitance up to 0.1uH/0.1pF
4.Provided up to 4 testing parameters:
Ls+(Q,D,Rs), Lp+(Q,D,Rp)
Cs+(Q,D,Rs), Cp+(Q,D,Rp)


Models 878 and 879 - LCR Meters
These LCR meters measure capacitance, resistance (of non-inductive components) and inductance. Components can be measured

  • Selectable test frequencies
  • Simultaneously displays measured component value | and Q or Dissipation Factor (D)
  • Display hold
  • Relative mode
  • Tolerance mode
  • RS232 interface (cable and software required)
meterman lcr
Models VC30, VC231, - LCR and CR Meters / Hand-held Components Testers
28 control positions to test a w

  • Measures inductance, capacitance and resistance
  • 28 control positions to test a wide range of components
  • Inductance with seven ranges from 200µH to 200H
  • Capacitance has nine ranges from 200pF to 20mF
  • Resistance with seven ranges from 20ohm to 20Mohm
  • Zero out stray resistance with front panel control
  • Also tests diodes, microwave diodes and transistors
  • Shipped with safety test leads w/screw-on alligator clips, protective holster and manual


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