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Introducing New EN-210 Vibration Meter & Electronic Stethoscope with memory for data storage.

      • Graphic display with backlight.
      • Max Hold button for keeping highest measurement on screen, increasing only with increased vibration level.
      • Storage of maximum value measured.
      • Store up to 100 points of data in memory.
      • Readout directly on meter.
      • Velocity Range: 0 - 200 mm/s
      • Acceleration Range: 0 - 20 G's.
      • Displacement Range: 0 - 200 um.
      • IEPE Standard Accelerometer made in USA.
      • Accuracy 1% + 3 lsd.
      • Auto power off.
      • Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery with long battery life up to 3 years.
      • Industrial Headphone for listening to machine sound and roller bearings.
      • Full Technical Support with training and after sales support.



EN-210 Vibration Meter & Electronic Stethoscope supplied complete with: Meter, Recharger, High Accuracy IEPE accelerometer, Al-NIco magnet, Stinger probe, padded carrying case, operating manuals in both English and Thai.

EN-210 Heavy Duty Vibration Meter & Electronic Stethoscope features an unconditionally guarantee of 5 years.!

Click to Download complete Specifications (English)

คลิกเพื่อดาวน์โหลด สเปค ภาษาไทย (Thai)


EN-210 Supplied with 10 ft. Curl Cable


  • EN-210 is supplied with a 10' long retractable curl cable


  • Easily measures difficult to reach locations.


  • Stinger probe for listening to machine sound and finding defects in roller bearings.


  • Heavy Duty Industrial Vibration Meter of durable construction, unconditionally warranted for 5 years.


***********************EN-210 Supplied with Headphones.*


  • Easily finds sources of machine defects by listening to the sound.
  • Check for pump cavitations
  • Check and find defects in roller bearing by listening to the sound.


EN-210 has Direct Readout of Recorded Values.

  • Easily readout data directly on the front panel of the meter.
  • Records up to 100 data points.
  • Flash memory retains data even without batteries.


EN-210 Supplied with Industral Accelerometer

  • Uses standard 100 mV/G Accelerometer
  • IEPE Standard for repeatable results.
  • High Accuracy.
  • 5 Year Warranty.


EN-210 Supplied with ECO-Friendly Li-Ion batteries.

  • Light weight and high energy density
  • Long lifetime of up to 3 years
  • Rechargeable and environmentally friendly
  • Intellegent Recharger included.







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